Imaginary Soundtracks (Vol. 2)

Back in my days of relentless mix-making... back before streaming audio playlists kinda took the fun out of trying to craft the perfect 90-minute mixtape or 80-minute CDR... I particularly enjoyed trying to come up with imaginary film soundtracks. Not just a mix of haphazardly selected tracks, but songs which, if you closed your eyes, felt like they were framing some sort of cinematic narrative. 

For whatever reason, most of these tended to come out sounding like the backdrop for an indie film noir road-trip, lots of rustic Americana interwoven with eerie, sometimes dissonant atmospherics, typically Yo La Tengo-heavy. (Though occasionally I'd branch out and create a soundtrack for an imaginary Quentin Tarantino or John Hughes or Wes Anderson film, aping their idiosyncratic musical preferences.)

I'll try to upload a few of these to Spotify, as they're personal favorites, but here's Volume II in the series, one which I think works particularly well. Just close your eyes.
The YouTube version:


  1. Why does the phrase "labour of love" come to mind? And why did it come with the British spelling? Thank you for all you do!


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