Sleater-Kinney: Top 10 Songs

I've been relatively quiet for a few weeks as I enjoyed some post-vaccination travel (you can read some of my road trip observations & confessions in the two-part Fear & Bison on the Post-Pandemic Trail). But I'm not done here; still too many albums to talk about!

While I work on picking out the next target, you can check out my Sleater-Kinney Top 10 and career overview over on Toppermost. Got that one published just in time for the release of their new album, Path of Wellness. I'm still digesting it, but so far I find it to be a bit of a welcome return to form after 2019's divisive, more synth/dance-oriented The Center Won't Hold--an album I like (mostly) but haven't really spent much time with. The new one certainly suffers from the absence from force-of-nature drummer Janet Weiss (also not a huge fan of Center), but the songs are catchier and more guitar-oriented. It's a long way from their early post-punk heyday, far more indebted to classic rock (and arguably even a bit of prog). Lead single "Worry With You" is pretty great.