The Crutchfield Sisters -- A Mix (2020)

Having spent the past week absorbing Waxahatchee's excellent new Saint Cloud, its earnest, Americana-tinged, largely acoustic vibe a big break from the noisier crunch of the last few full-length releases, I decided I needed to put together a mix for the car.  (Ok, these days I'm not going out much beyond the weekly Costco/Safeway run, but just in case...)

And while Katie Crutchfield has plenty of music under the Waxahatchee moniker to fill a mix, I opted to go a little more broadly, tapping into some music from her twin sister Allison (both as a solo artist and with her own band, Swearin').  I rounded out the mix with a few tunes from P.S. Eliot, the bracing, cathartic post-punk band the sisters shared before going their separate ways.  Despite some stylistic differences between their respective releases (and even within their own discographies), their vocal styles are (unsurprisingly) similar, and it makes for a nice, cohesive mix, jumbled up in order rather than presented as a straight chronology.