Anna Burch: If You're Dreaming (2020)

Quick take today on another great new release, this one the sophomore effort from indie singer-songwriter Anna Burch.

I wrote about Burch's wonderful debut as one of my earliest posts.  The new one is a little more laid-back, slower moving, less reliant on catchy hooks than Burch's voice and guitar to ease you through the tunes.  And as Burch's vocals remain totally captivating, this is pretty much all you need.

There are a few songs with a touch more immediacy, more in line with the predecessor.  Opener "Can't Sleep" is gorgeous, helped along by Burch's honey-toned oo-oo-oohs; "Party's Over" has a pleasant, entrancing jangle, her pleas of "I'm so tired" entirely convincing; "Ask Me To" calls to mind jangly neo-folkie alt.rockers like Real Estate; "Not So Bad" is a disarming lullaby.  But mostly it sticks to minimalist, languid tones, ethereal yet grounded, which may take an extra spin or two to sink in but, again, that voice.

Really nice stuff. Grab it at Bandcamp (and, if you haven't, pick up the delightful Quit The Curse while you're at it). 

Also, as with the first album, Burch supports the music with some unusually charming videos.  Here's "Party's Over":
...and "Not So Bad":
 ...and "Tell Me What's True":