The School: Loveless Unbeliever (2010)

Sometimes, when you're holed up at home due to, say, a raging pandemic, all you want to hear is something light and fluffy and joyous.  So I pulled out The School. 

Don't know much about them.  They're Welsh, and a woman named Liz Hunt who used to be in a band called The Loves leads them, and beyond that I suppose I could do some research but, really, just wanna spin the thing for a bit, ok?

Their 2010 debut is a nice mix of 60s girl-group pop and more contemporary takes on the genre (see Camera Obscura, maybe a bit of Belle & Sebastian and St. Etienne).  It's sweet and melodic and total feel-good music, and I'm all over it.

I can't really pick out favorites here, as the album is solidly consistent from beginning to end, but the opening one-two-three punch of "Let It Slip" and "Is He Really Coming Home" and "Valentine" do a nice job of establishing their Bacharach/Ronettes bona fides. "Can't Understand" is pretty freakin' great, and I think we all need to hear a song called "Summer's Here" right about now, but, really, not a bum note to be found.

Cheer up your li'l quarantine.  The School.  Trust me. Go buy it on Bandcamp.

Here's the video for "Is He Really Coming Home":
...and "Can't Understand":
...and "Let It Slip":


  1. Ion here. So with every school closed from here to Aukland, you chose an album by... the School?! It's a fantastic record, I'm just questioning the timing :) I really love this band, and it's sad that more people aren't educated about their blissful music. I've done my homework, having bought (or downloaded) everything they've ever released.


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