The Best of 2019 (Final Mixdown)

Obviously there's no upside in being compelled to shelter-in-place during a pandemic as the world collapses around us... BUT that said, it did force me to get off my lazy ass and finish burning my annual best-of collection.  (I'd put together the single-CD highlights disc at the end of the year, but it always takes me a little longer to compile the 2-CD Deluxe Edition.)  But it's finally done, and now I can start planning for 2020... 

And yes, I still burn these as CDs, largely as a lingering concession to my life-long love of mix tapes, even in the age of streaming and playlists.  It also imposes healthy discipline, forcing me to cull everything down to 80 or 160 minutes, and to lock myself into the finality of a burned disc rather than having an open-ended, ever-evolving playlist.
Of course, I still need a playlist I can share with others (since nobody has CD players any more), so here's a handy Spotify version.  Check it out.  And please support the artists, many of whom have had to cancel tours, by buying the CDs.

(FYI, I'm gradually migrating a lot my playlists over to my website to make it easier to find 'em.)