My 500 Favorite Songs

Taking a brief break from the album-of-the-day today to talk about... songs.  Now, I assume everybody has taken a few minutes at one point or other to quickly jot down a list of their 500 favorite songs, in order.  Hello?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Ok, I guess I'm a little strange.  I had a little down-time a few years ago -- I think I had just resolved a bit of litigation, was waiting to start gearing up for a large trial, and decided to undertake this little project.  Now, in hindsight, perhaps I should have done something like, oh, I dunno, taken my wife on a short vacation.  I'm a very bad man.

As with any exercise of this nature, it's highly subjective and always in flux.  Every time I hear one of these songs, I can't help thinking, damn, what a great song, it really needs to be higher up on the list.  Just glancing at it right now and I see about 50 changes I need to make.  But at some point you just need to put a pin in it and move on. 

Now, this was done about 4 years ago, and there have been some great songs since then.  Hell, just off the top of my head I can think of songs that need to be added from Charly Bliss, the Paranoid Style, the Beths, Alvvays, Japandroids, Waxahatchee...

So next time I get a break I plan to revise this.  Who knows, maybe I'll expand it to a Top 1000.  Everyone has one of those, right?

Here's a playlist of my Top 50 (note: these shifted around a few times, so may not line up exactly with the list).  You can find the rest of the playlists rounding out my Top 500 on my Spotify page.


  1. I'm in awe of the energy, time, and commitment needed for this. I am even inspired to put this on my to-do list for summer vacation.


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