My Top 1000 Songs #577: Depreston

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Another rare inclusion of music from the past decade. While I'm always wary of finding a song to be an all-time fave before it's had enough time to demonstrate true staying power, something about Courtney Barnett's "Depreston," from her 2015 long-player debut Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, already feels time-weary, a tune that seems like it's been part of your life far longer than it has. The Australian singer-songwriter often feels like she's reading you notes from her personal diary, a mix of the mundane & profound, over backing tracks that range from raging indie rock to pleasant folk music; and "Depreston" leans heavily on the seemingly mundane. It's a day of house-hunting out in the 'burbs, detailed observations about two-car garages and kitchen accoutrements, yet somehow the overall aesthetic feels far more monumental. The gentle pop-friendly music lulls you in, haunting and melodic, and while it initially comes across like something purely ephemeral, just sticking your head out of the car window watching streets pass by, it's truly built to last, the allure of knocking it all down and rebuilding about far more than some suburban house on a cul-de-sac.

Live 2016: