My Top 1000 Songs #576: Soul And Fire

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Sebadoh were a big part of my early 90s music vibe. I don't play them much these days, but at the time, they were in regular rotation alongside Pavement, Luna, Sonic Youth, GbV, Liz Phair, etc. Something about Lou Barlow's vocals--and, frankly, while I respect the band as a democratic trio sharing songwriting duties, I was largely interested in Barlow's songs--always resounded with me, earnest and sad, right up there with Elliott Smith.

1993's Bubble & Scrape was a personal fave when it came out, particularly stand-out single "Soul And Fire." It's a perfect break-up song, wistful and bittersweet and kind of nasty, the way a good break-up song should be. Bitterness aside, it's a lovely ballad, just a bit of detuned edge to the guitars, though the initial chord-strums immediately slowing down to a half-speed crawl keeps the song feeling just a bit disorienting.

"As you walk away, think of all the joy we shared. If you decide you need me, I'll be wondering if I care." And then that unforgettable capper, the sarcasm barely discernible: "Saying goodbye was so much fun!" Yep, our love is definitely coming to an end.

Live 2015:
A little slower, a little prettier, from Joe Pernice: