My Top 1000 Songs #562: After This Time Is Gone

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Chicago indie rockers Eleventh Dream Day have long been something like Yo La Tengo's slightly harder-edged cousin, with fistfuls of cool music over the decades that's unfortunately managed to stay just outside the fringes of better-known indie rock. Which made "After This Time Is Gone," off 1993's solid El Moodio, such a pleasant surprise, a wonderfully catchy alt.pop track that should've made them huge (or at least a little bigger). Ok, sure, it's still got that indie edge, but some jangly guitars and delightful vocal interplay between guitarist Rick Rizzo and drummer Janet Bean elevate the track into a winning little gem.

Here's a complete concert from 1993, great stuff; "After This Time" kicks off at about 28:30 into the set.