My Top 1000 Songs #226: Supper's Ready

Gettin' my prog on here... and if it's kind of a cheat to treat a multi-song medley as a single track on this list, what to make of an LP-side-long suite that's essentially 7 separate songs joined by some sort of vague semi-biblical history-of-all-mankind thematic thread?

Personally, while some Genesis fans (or at least fans of the band's Peter Gabriel era) view "Supper's Ready" (from 1972's Foxtrot) as the band's artistic pinnacle, I'm a little more lukewarm. I love the first three parts of the suite, and the later "Willow Farm" ditty; but the latter third (up til the reprise) drags a bit in spots. (Indeed, for all my adoration of Gabriel-era Genesis, several of their longer suites--"Giant Hogweed," "Get 'Em Out By Friday," "Epping Forest"--were bogged down by some intermittently tedious, heavily narrative passages.)

But, hey, if I could edit this down into the 15 or so minutes I like best, then, yep, a pretty definitive portrait of an incredibly creative musical force--musically varied, with melodic, tuneful segments that are far catchier than most prog acts; lyrically enticing; and brilliantly performed, with each musician demonstrating both playfulness and astounding (and often underappreciated) virtuosity. And, through it all, Gabriel's always-magical vocals.

Live in 1972 (synced to multiple video sources):
Live in 1983 (Phil Collins vox):