My Top 1000 Songs #212: I've Been Waiting

After a couple albums that saw Matthew Sweet trying to find his voice, 1991's Girlfriend hit like the work of someone who'd sold his soul to the devil, or at the very least spent a long, wasted weekend spinning Big Star and Who and Kinks and dB's records and finally had an epiphany. (Pulling together an insanely overqualified backing band, including guitarists Richard Lloyd and Robert Quine, didn't hurt.)

After the attention grabbing dual-guitar attack of album opener "Divine Intervention," Sweet achieves heavenly power-pop bliss on "I've Been Waiting," a jangly, absurdly catchy tune with soaring harmonies that wedges itself in your brain like a freshly-chewed chunk of Bubble Yum.

Live on tv, 1992:
Acoustic in 2011: