Hazel English: Wake Up (2020)

It's been a bit since I've dug into some new releases, but here's one I'm really enjoying. Hazel English, an Australian singer/songwriter currently here in the Bay Area, blends gentle dream pop aesthetics with a more classic, nostalgic pop bounce, hints of the girl group sounds of the 60s shot through with bits of everything from Lush to Best Coast. As the album -- her full-length debut, after some really top-notch EPs -- is still new to me, I haven't latched onto any particular favorites, just a compelling set that seems consistently engaging throughout.

Opener "Born Like" reminds me of another local band, La Luz, who weave noir surf rock into their sound; while "Shaking" offers up more immediacy, a catchy radio-friendly tune. The title track that follows falls somewhere in between, totally effervescent pop but still interwoven with that throw-back oldies vibe. It largely inhabits a relaxed, mid-tempo groove, though tracks like "Waiting" and "Milk And Honey" are bubbly enough to keep this engaging.

Overall I'd file this alongside another fave from earlier this year, A Girl Called Eddy's Been Around, updating 60s pop and managing to feel refreshingly current yet hauntingly familiar.

Look, there's even a commercial for the record!
Here's the video for "Shaking":
And here's a video for "Off My Mind":


  1. gUESS Who? Yes, I've been enjoying the records as well. "Shaking" is such a cool tune, as is some of the other music on this release. I hope she finds the "commercial" success she so deserves :)


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