From Sister Ray to Roadrunner: A Mix

An amusing mix I put together a few years back, thought I'd share it via Spotify. The songs are built around a familiar vamp on an either 2- or 3-chord progression. The Velvet Underground rocked the riff for over 17 minutes on "Sister Ray" back in 1968; Jonathan Richman and his Modern Lovers simplified it and sped it up for "Roadrunner" (recorded around 1972, finally released around 1976); and Wire slowed it down to a dirge-lake pace for the atypically grinding "Strange" on their 1977 debut.

The rest of the songs here all use variations of that basic motif. I also threw in a few covers (lots of versions of "Roadrunner" out there). Alas, the limitations of Spotify forced me to omit a few songs from my original CD mix -- Amy Rigby's fantastic "That Tone Of Voice," and the Feelies' "Doin' It Again" -- but otherwise it's pretty comprehensive.

Would love to hear suggestions on songs I overlooked for an expanded deluxe edition.
Some videos, perhaps?
The Velvet Underground:
Modern Lovers:
The Jesus & Mary Chain:
 Matthew Sweet:
The Feelies:
Amy Rigby:
The Paranoid Style:
The Clean:


  1. Feels like maybe Ohm by Yo La Tengo might fit in. Maybe Shake by The Vulgar Boatmen?


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