2020: The Running List (A Playlist)

Hard to believe we're now 1/3 through 2020... seems like it's only... well, actually, it seems like it's gotta be 2022 already.  Screw 2020.

Anyway, here's what I've checked out in the first third of the year. Some pretty great stuff. Already more than enough to fill a year-end mix. I'm going with Kiwi Jr. as holding onto the slot as my favorite release to date (technically, it was released in Canada last year, but I'm going with 2020 for present purposes). I love the Replacements-like Beach Slang, the hard rocking power pop of Rookie, the gentle croon of Anna Burch and Waxahatchee and Soccer Mommy, the pop chops of A Girl Called Eddy, and the Drive-By Truckers' pointed and devastating "Thoughts and Prayers." And much more.

Note that today (Friday, May 1), Bandcamp is again waiving its revenue share to help support artists... so if you're looking to put together your shopping list, here are a few suggestions.

[NOTE: Revised to add today's new releases from Diet Cig and Car Seat Headrest, and to tack on a few more videos.]
Maybe some videos?

Here's Kiwi Jr.:
Drive-By Truckers:
Best Coast:
Soccer Mommy:
Kyle Forester:
A Girl Called Eddy:
Green Day:
Anna Burch:
Peel Dream Magazine:
Illuminati Hotties:
Car Seat Headrest: