More New Releases!

So much ugliness out there... at least there's some great new music to help distract us!

The Feelies: Some Kinda Love

Been eagerly awaiting this one, and it's finally out today (at least on Spotify; still waiting for it to go up on Bandcamp). I've been a massive fan of the Feelies since forever ago, and having had the joy of seeing them live a few times back in the 80s & early 90s, but denied that pleasure since they regrouped a few years back (they only offer a few limited performances on the East Coast, a bit too far a trip from San Francisco), I've long hoped for an (official) live album. And here it is--but with a twist. The proudly Velvet Underground-inspired band played a gig in 2018 which included a complete set of VU covers, and they've opted to release that set on the new 2-CD Some Kinda Love. And obviously it's great (or at least what I've heard so far), and since it's all covers, it sorta counts as a "new" Feelies album, so that's great. (Bettie Serveert did a similar thing 25 years ago, releasing a live set of VU covers, and it's terrific.)

Sadly, the band opted not to release the second set from that gig, when they played their own music. So those of us who have been longing for a "true" Feelies concert will have to continue waiting. (I have plenty of bootlegs, including some great-sounding soundboard recordings, so I'm not lacking for live Feelies; but I'd still welcome an official live album!)

Slow Pulp: Yard

Gotta say, I'm loving the recent trend of indie bands paying homage (or at least drawing some style pointers) from 90s indie rock, particular the work of Pavement and Liz Phair. Momma and Wednesday and Ratboys are in that camp, and I just discovered Chicago-based Slow Pulp, whose second album, Yard, recently dropped. There are some quieter, more acoustic tunes where singer Emily Massey slots in nicely alongside other indie women like Soccer Mommy and Adult Mom and Snail Mail. But the band also cranks it up on a few tunes--"Doubt" is a frothy, very 90s rocker; "Cramps" delves into My Bloody Valentine-indebted shoegaze; "Slugs" is darker and slower yet still catchy. It's all pretty great! Buy it on Bandcamp.

Dot Dash: 16 Again

I've previously shared my love for DC-based indie power pop act Dot Dash. They've been pretty prolific without getting the attention they deserve, so they've done us a favor and pulled together a helpful primer, drawing selections from their 7 studio albums, ranging from their earlier, rougher punk-pop up through their recent, more nuanced jangle pop. It's all great, and a nice introduction to the band for those who've been missing out. Buy it on Bandcamp!


  1. thanks so much for your kind words and continued support of dot dash! all the best from the boys from dc.


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