My Top 1000 Songs #379: I Think I'm In Love

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Recently voted the #1 song by Those About To Consume A Gummy, Grab Some Headphones, And Dissolve Into The Sofa.

I mean, probably.  

Another song off Spiritualized's 1997 Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, and like the previously-referenced title track, it's a modern-day psychedelic opus. The sweeping 8-minute epic feels like a two-part suite. The opening half is all slow burn, a rolling bass riff and a haunting slide guitar, with some hushed singing. But the percussion gradually kicks in, a moody groove, and midway through the call-and-response part launches, nasty and funny and totally entrancing. 

    "I think I'm in love." "Probably just hungry."

    "I think I can fly." "Probably just falling."

    "I think I have caught it bad." "Probably contagious."

It builds up a good head of steam before fading, and frankly, I always wish it would go on for another 10 minutes of those wicked couplets.

Extended live version:
Condensed for Top Of The Pops: