My Top 1000 Songs #373: Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

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Doug Yule fans, rejoice! Yes, the last song on the Velvet Underground's final (proper) album, 1970's relatively radio-friendly Loaded, is still a Lou Reed composition, but Yule takes lead on vocals & guitar, and if there's an argument that he deserves as much credit as Reed's foil as the man he replaced, John Cale, this song is it. (Indeed, as far as I can tell, Lou himself never included the song in his live repertoire after going solo, which seems a damn shame.)

The song is an apt way to bid farewell to the band's four-LP run, a pastoral, Americana-fueled, extended coda that's dark, yearning, and cinematic, a viable alternate to the Stones' Sticky Fingers-close-out "Moonlight Mile" as a finale to the 1960s. It also serves as a helpful explanation of how one can love both the Velvets' sprawling, drugged-out "Sister Ray" and the Grateful Dead's sprawling, drugged-out "Dark Star," an expansive jam band-ready ramble that's been given respectful treatment by bands like Phish and My Morning Jacket.
Phish, live 2013:
My Morning Jacket, live 2012:
MMJ again, this time joined by Neil Young, Elvis Costello, and more:
Black Crowes' cover:
A band called Sugar Lime Blue I found on YouTube:
David friggin' Johansen!