My Top 1000 Songs #367: See A Little Light

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Definitely one of those right-songs-at-the-right-time kinda deals.

1989. The pivot from college to post-graduate life a little bittersweet. Definitely missing the steady flow of new music and like-minded musical friends from the college station.  Hüsker Dü broken up; R.E.M. and The Replacements on major labels, still making good music but the magic of the albums that changed my life seemingly well behind me, just like college.

So Bob Mould's first solo single post-Hüskers was particularly refreshing. The chainsaw guitars are gone, replaced with some sweet, sweet jangle and an almost power-pop sensibility, so it's different but still in the right place for me. And, ok, kind of a break-up song, but a hopeful one. "Listen, there's music in the air. I heard your voice coming from somewhere... I see a little light, I know you will..." 

Everything's gonna be just fine after all.

Live on Letterman, full-band style, 2014: