My Top 1000 Songs #181: I Found A Reason

In case my inclusion of "Pale Blue Eyes" way up in the single-digits of this list didn't make it clear, I'm a sucker for the Velvet Underground's gentler side. And this gorgeous ballad, from the band's final proper studio album (ok, well, we can talk about Squeeze...), is no less stunning (though it arguably recycles a bit of the guitar sound from "Pale"). 

Those cascading bah-bahs! The throwback to Lou Reed's early love of doo-wop music, with the late-night spoken-word poetry reading! And the surprisingly touching, rosy-optimism sentimentality from cranky ol' Uncle Lou: "I do believe, you are what you perceive. What comes is better than what came before." Reed finds true joy, and promptly mothballs the Velvet Underground.

Hey, wanna be knocked out? Here's Americana chanteuse Angel Olsen performing it a few years back:
And, of course, can't forget Yo La Tengo: