Seablite, Grass Stains And Novocaine (2019)

I'll keep this short and sweet, since I just picked the album up this weekend and don't have a lot to say about it.  But since it's pretty new, and also pretty sweet, figured I'd give 'em a quick mention.

So, with advance apologies for this being really lazy:

Do you like Lush?  The Darling Buds?  My Bloody Valentine?

Yes?  Ok, you'll like this.  (Like I said, lazy.)

Poppy, shoegazy, blissed-out treble-happy jangle from what sounds like a band out of the small British industrial village of... [checks notes...]

San Francisco.

Cool, just a few miles up the highway.  Hopefully that means I can see them live soon.

Anyway, yummy sounds for your summer.  Go buy it on Bandcamp.

Hey, they've got a video!