My Top 1000 Songs #464: Photograph

[I've been writing up my Top 1000 songs on a daily basis--you can see them all in descending order by hitting the All My Favorite Songs tag.]

Perhaps George Harrison's kindest act was handing Ringo one of his finest creations (though it's credited to Harrison/Starr); indeed, I'd pick "Photograph" (from 1973's Ringo) over most of George's solo (and Beatles) catalog--with another Harrison-penned Ringo tune, "It Don't Come Easy," not far behind. It's got one of those drop-dead hooks you can hear once and sing to yourself for a lifetime. Like many GH tunes, he didn't come up with enough verses to justify the running time (I remember a few people commenting when I posted George's "What Is Life" that it's a fantastic 2:30 power pop track that lasts four and a half minutes). But, still, the chorus here buys an awful lot of goodwill. Perfectly suited for Ringo's vocals (though I'm pretty partial to Camper Van Beethoven's jangly indie-pop cover version as well).

2002 Harrison tribute concert:
Camper Van Beethoven cover: