My Top 1000 Songs #459: Revolution (In The Summertime)

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Scottish jangly guitar band Cosmic Rough Riders (primarily musician Daniel Wylie, who after having the band name taken over by the other musicians he gathered started recording under his own name and, later, Daniel Wylie's Cosmic Rough Riders)) build from the Teenage Fanclub and Brian Wilson songbook, lovely harmony-drenched pop songs that may not rock the world but make for great accompaniment when you're hanging out and just need a sweet listen. "Revolution (In The Summertime?)," from 2000's sophomore LP Panorama, is one of many CRR/Wylie tracks that's pleasantly captivating, understated yet still memorable. Frankly, I could just as easily have picked that record's slightly more upbeat "Have You Heard The News Today"--now that I think about it, maybe I should change my mind? Nah, they're both great, can't go wrong with either of 'em.

Live, Top of the Pops: