My Top 1000 Songs #340: Something To Talk About

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A gorgeous, piano-driven, old-school pop song from Badly Drawn Boy (British songwriter Damon Gough). While less dense than much of the artist's more intricate baroque pop work, it still feels thoughtful and sophisticated, while hewing to a more traditional 70s pop motif (see also my recent post on Epic Soundtracks). There's something instantly familiar about the whole vibe, the unabashed McCartneyesque melodicism and inherent sweetness of the track, something magical that makes me feel I've been hearing it my whole life each time I play it.

The song is the centerpiece of Gough's soundtrack for the 2002 film About A Boy, and fans of the Hugh Grant flick may have that association stuck in their head, the cryptic lyrics vaguely capturing the film's theme; though as someone who enjoyed the Nick Hornby book more than the movie, I'm fortunately able to hear it on its own merits. It's one of those songs I found myself throwing onto pretty much every mixtape I made back in the '00s, something you could include comfortable that, hey, maybe our tastes don't overlap completely, but I know you're gonna like this one.

Live on tv 2002: