My Top 1000 Songs #287: Can't Find My Way Home

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Steve Winwood, hot off the demise of Traffic, and Eric Clapton, hot off the demise of Cream, put together the shortly-lived Blind Faith, released a lone self-titled album in 1969, and it's... solid. I don't listen to it much except for maybe the jammy live set that showed up on the reissue. But Winwood's "Can't Find My Way Home" remains a classic rock gem, at least as good as (if not better than) anything from their prior bands. It's a lovely, mid-tempo folk-rock tune firmly in the Traffic (or maybe Fairport Convention) tradition, some nice finger-picking and a poignant Winwood vocal. (Clapton's "Presence Of The Lord" is the other album stand-out, and it's pretty good, too; but this is the keeper for me.)

Live in 1969:
Winwood & Clapton in 2010 (with Derek Trucks):


  1. I just wish they had sent Ginger on a beer run while they recorded it.


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