My Top 1000 Songs #253: Things Don't Change

[I've been writing up my Top 1000 songs on a daily basis--you can see them all in descending order by hitting the All My Favorite Songs tag.]

Getting my jangle on here. The Reivers (originally known as Zeitgeist, before they were forced to make a name change) were a fantastic Austin-based band that got their start amidst the mid-80s college radio jangle-pop scene. There was just a touch more country twang than found in like-minded Southern bands like R.E.M. and The Connells, though the real strength of the band, beyond just great songs, was the vocal interplay between John Croslin and Kim Longacre. That was on full display on "Things Don't Change," from their 1985 debut Translate Slowly.

The song has a nice build from a quiet, slow-moving verse into a rocking chorus, where the guitars chime and Longacre delivers some riveting backing vox. One of those songs that takes me back to a very specific moment in time, but still holds up today.

Live in 1986 (low volume, crank it up!):
2015 reunion gig: