Weekend Interlude: What Are My Friends Playing on Spotify?

Taking a brief break from the daily album review.  Spotify lets me see what all my Facebook friends are listening to right now (or listened to most recently).  Let's take a quick look:
  • Cliff (cousin):  Hugh Jackman singing "From Now On" from The Greatest Showman, a movie I have steadfastly avoided notwithstanding my daughter's protestations.  This is surprisingly inoffensive, reminds me of something by Fun as reinterpreted by the cast of Glee
  • Kent (guy I've traded music with online):  The Everly Brothers, "Mama Tried."  I'm familiar with the Grateful Dead version, haven't heard this before.  It's really nice; great harmonies, of course.
  • Marc S. (college friend): Childish Gambino, "Feels Like Summer."  I loved Donald Glover in Community, haven't really kept up with his other ventures.  This is kinda cool.  Feels like I'm at the pool at a W Hotel.
  • Ron (high school friend): Kenny Loggins, "Danger Zone."  Uh... why????  Afraid to ask.
  • Alyssa (second-born child): Pierce Brosnan singing something from Mamma Mia!.  I need to get this girl some new music.
  • Erik (college roommate): The New Pornographers, "The Bleeding Heart Show" (off one of my Spotify playlists).  Always appreciate Erik checking out my playlists.  Best song ever (or way up there).
  • Joyce (friend from my early MoFo days): Adam Levine, "Lost Stars."  Look, I'm not gonna pretend that Begin Again (the movie and the soundtrack) isn't a guilty pleasure.  But I can do without Adam Levine; I'll take the Keira Knightly version in a heartbeat.  
  • Josh (other offspring): Masego, "Old Age."  Decent enough R&B, if a little bland.  Think I heard this at the mall.
  • Liz (high school friend): KC & The Sunshine Band, "Boogie Shoes."  Hopefully there's a good story that goes along with this selection?
  • Sarah (Cliff's wife): James Arthur, "Say You Won't Let Go." I don't know who this is.  Sounds like something a suburban couple would use as one of the songs accompanying their wedding video slideshow.  (I used the Replacements' "When It Began," but that took some negotiating.)
  • Jeff (another cousin): Wilco, "Spiders (Kidsmoke)."  I still love this song.