The Aerovons: Resurrection (1969/2003)

In all fairness, the "great lost album" tag is often applied to records which are more "lost" than "great," albums which are pretty good but might not be as interesting but for their undeserved obscurity.  (I'm guilty of this myself.)

But Resurrection is actually kinda great.  Yes, yes, it's a shameless Beatles homage, most songs sounding like attempts to replicate different Beatles eras, a straight version of The Rutles.  But what do you expect from some mop-topped teenage boys from the British town of... oh.  St. Louis, Missouri.  Weird.  Ok, the musical quality of this is not entirely random; the album was recorded at Abbey Road studios and the band had some input from the actual Beatles. 

Anyway, this thing is a really nice piece of work, all but essential for fans of Beatlesque sixties relics.

Lead-off track "World of You," which has shown up on some comps (and is the one track you can listen to on Spotify), is dense, baroque pop, simply lovely.  Better yet is the follow-up title track, and, sure, it's "Across the Universe" in all but name, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.  And the next one, "Say Georgia," is basically "Oh Darling."  But, look, these songs are legitimately terrific even if you're not trying to pick out the Beatles references.

For various reasons, the album was never released, surfacing only 34 years later on an oldies label.  You can read all about it here.

As noted, it's not available on Spotify.  But you can hear a rip of the whole album on YouTube:
Here's "World of You":
...and the title track:


  1. Ion here (that was also me who commented tonight on the Smiths and Manfred Mann). Anyway, I love the story behind these guys and so happy that their terrific record finally saw the light of day. "Everything's Alright" is one of my all-time favorite songs. Makes you wonder if any of these tunes would have been hits if they got the attention they deserved at the time from their record company and management. We'll never know


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