Jittery White Guy Music: The Book

So... I've been writing a book.  After 28 years practicing securities law (both as an officer of the federal government and in private practice with a law firm), frequently publishing articles on the always-fascinating subject of securities fraud, I thought it might be fun to write about something a little truer to my heart.

Naturally, all my friends suggested I write a legal thriller, as every lawyer with a yearning for creative writing seems to feel obligated to do, but I had no interest in that.  What I had an interest in was my lifetime passion for rock music.  And while I've read a ton of memoirs by rock stars (this year alone I read some excellent books by Liz Phair, Amy Rigby, Carrie Brownstein, and Jeff Tweedy), and I've read plenty of terrific books by professional music critics (Rob Sheffield and Steven Hyden among them), I didn't see much out there from the vantage point of the ordinary (if mildly obsessive) fan, talking about how we as average listeners relate to the songs and albums and artists that shape our lives.

Anyway, the book is nearly done.  I don't see it as something having wide enough appeal to generate interest from a publisher, so I decided to follow the path of many of my musical heroes and go the DIY route, self-publishing it on Amazon for anyone interested in giving it a shot.  I'm hoping to go live in the next couple weeks.  Meanwhile, here's a short sample, including the intro and a couple chapter excerpts, should you care to check it out.  (I'd love to hear your feedback; feel free to DM my Twitter account or drop a comment below.)
BTW, I started this blog a few months back just as an exercise to force myself to drag my lazy ass to my computer each morning and get my brain working.  I'll keep it going until I lose interest or run out of records I feel like talking about.

Naturally, being a book about music, there is a playlist to go along with it, picking up most of the songs/artists discussed (in rough order of mention in the book).


  1. Just finished reading the first chapter. I’m intrigued! Looking forward to reading additional chapters. - Ray


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