My Top 1000 Songs #399: See The World

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Like any good music obsessive, any time we have friends over I feel the need to create a playlist for the occasion. I try to vary things a bit, but there are some standard songs that I almost always include--tracks that are gentle, middle-of-the-road enough that they won't offend the sensibilities of anyone in the room, but not so predictable and bland that I don't care for the mix myself.

One of my go-to tracks is "See The World," off Gomez's 2006 How We Operate. The British band has an odd amalgam of indie rock, Americana, electro-pop, and jam-band aesthetics, and while they have material I prefer on a personal level, more adventurous tracks, this song just feels designed for that hanging-with-friends playlist. It's got a down-home, rustic sound, twangy guitars (a finger-picked motif that reminds me a bit of Bruce Cockburn) and scratchy vocals, with that nice little sentiment drifting out of the chorus--"See the world, find an old-fashioned girl..." The verses are a bit of a downer, a reprimand of a broken man, but that chorus brings it all back around nicely.

Just a sweet, amiable track you want to haul out for strangers.

Live unplugged:
Live, full-band performance: